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Complete feature list of Pawoon

Point of Sales

Point of Sales

Easy to use

Your staff will have no difficulty with Pawoon, its interfaces are clean, simple and self explanatory. In just a few minutes of initial setup, your business can already use Pawoon as a point of sales.

Print or Email Purchase Receipt

Your customer can get purchase receipt either by physical means (printed) or electronic (via email).

No Internet Connection? No Problem!

Pawoon can still be operated without the need of Internet, just in case your connection is offline. All transaction data is stored securely in the app and will be uploaded to the system once your Internet connection is online.

Sales Reports

Complete Sales Reports

You can access real-time sales reports from smartphones, tablets or computers from anywhere at anytime.

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Know exactly how much direct costs attributable to the production of the goods sold in your business.

COGS-Based Earnings Report

Find out the gross profit from sales on the basis of their respective product cost prices quickly and accurately, without the need for manual calculations that take up a lot of your time.

Inventory Management

Manajemen Stok

Managing Your Stock

You can add stocks, transfer stocks across branches, send purchase orders to suppliers, and do stock-taking on regular basis. A neat stock record can provide a deeper understanding of your business needs.

Recipes / Raw Materials

List all the raw materials needed to create a product. Whenever there is a transaction for said product, it will reduce the stock automatically.


Employee Authorization

To improve the security of your business, all staff / cashiers can use the Pawoon app with permissions that you can set yourself according to the needs of each staff / cashier.

Multi Branch Management


Multi Location Price

If you have multiples branches/outlets, you can customize product price for each outlet/branch with ease.



Promo & Discounts

Promo is one of the strategies you can use to attract more customers. Apply current promo automatically when your customers bought product that meets your specified criteria.

Buy A Free B

This type of promo is very often used by many businesses to increase sales turnover significantly. You can provide another product for free when customers buy certain product.

Happy Hour

If you see sales declining at a certain hour, you can give discounts to customers who arrive at that time, whether with minimum transaction or not.

Customer Relationship Management

Manajemen Pelanggan (CRM)

Customer Profile

Customers are at the forefront of business success. Keep detailed information of your customers when making transactions for future promotions and offers.

Track Customer-Based Sales

Know exactly your loyal customers are and which products sold the most by your business. You can see product sales trends based on your customers and analyze customer habits for better business strategy.

Loyalty Program

Program Loyalitas

Increase Sales with Customer Loyalty Program

The partnership of Pawoon and Ponta (provider of coalition loyalty program) provides various benefits to your customers. Backed up by thousands of merchants, customers can earn and spend reward points to and from these merchants every time they make a transaction. Tap-in these vast ecosystem and let your business reap the rewards..

Other Powerful Features


Split Bill

When customers come in a group but want to handle the bills separately, the cashier can split the bill quickly without requiring customers to wait. Purchase receipts will match the paid products.

Pawoon Waiter App

No need to use paper and pen, waiter simply use this app to input customer’s order. It will be stored directly into the POS system and allow the kitchen to process the order.

Table Management

This is a major feature for F&B business owners. Know exactly which tables are occupied and make it easy to keep track of your customer orders.

Split Printer

If you have separate kitchens, eg. for food and drinks, orders will go into the kitchen in accordance with the setup that have been made.


Additional Tools for Your Business

Need cash register, receipt printer or tablet to accompany your Pawoon app? Click here to learn more.

Use Your Own Device

Pawoon can also run on device that you already own.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Our awesome customer support team is ready to help you via phone, live chat or email.

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