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Digital Payments

Gopay helps you provide a quick and easy transaction flow. Using dynamic QR code system, your can easily proceed a safer and contactless payment in your store
Using Shopeepay, users an easily pay transaction just by using Shopee App! Enjoy some discount and cashback for a more profitable transaction
Choose an easier way to make payments by using OVO. You can easily make your payment by only using your phone number. It’s quick, safe and easy!

Choose an easier way to make payments by using DANA. You can easily make your payment using more than one cards in an app.

Choose an easier way to make payments by using LinkAja. You can easily make your payment process safer and easier for a better user experience


Jurnal allows you to automate your business processes, stay-on-top of your business performance, and stay connected with your business anytime, anywhere.

Get a full access of the more advanced financial reports with Accurate Online. Secure your data and project your business’ future by analaizing data that is comprehensively provided by Accurate.

Supply Chain

Experience a more easy and effective way in securing your supply chain needs with PawoonGrosir. We are ready to provide you a good quality products in a competitive price.

Online Ordering

Perluas jangkauan bisnis dengan Digiresto yang menyediakan platform pesanan online yang terhubung dengan dashboard Pawoon. Aktivasinya mudah dan praktis!

Integrasi Pawoon dan GrabFood siap memaksimalkan omzet bisnis online yang kamu punya. Terhubung langsung dengan aplikasi kasir, data transaksi jadi lebih mudah dikelola

Omnichannel Selling

Pantau dan kelola arus stok dan transaksi di toko offline dan akun ecommerce yang kamu punya dengan intergasi Pawoon dan Forstok

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