Optimizing your core business to maximize your growth

Easily set a cutomized logo and information for each different store you manage

Tax and charges setup made easy. Completed with a comprehensive report for your preferences

Set your daily and hourly target, to ensure your day to day performance in a more efficient way possible

Resource is your force! Manage it well,
and be surprised of what you’ll get

Personalized ID for each member to access the POS App for the unexpected fraud prevention

Different level, defferent access. set boundaries and increase performance by giving an authorized access to manage your business

Offer an advanced in-app attendance flow with a face-recognition scanning process

Secure your best service level by
managing your customer data.
Know more to give more

From surname to their favorite menu per visit, you can trace it all in one easy flow

Set a membership program to reach out more members and offer more privileges

Give the best offer to your regulars! They’re legitimately the most valuable asset in your business, afterall

A way to attract customers. Best deal will always be interesting enough for them to swing by.
An extra miles gesture to spoil your loyal customers. The more the merrier
Designed for a more advanced stage of your business. Treat your regulars with style! Berlaku untuk pengguna Pawoon Pro
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