Frequently Asked Questions

These are frequently asked questions by customers with the answers too. You may find your own questions here.
1. What is Pawoon?

Pawoon is a cloud-based online cashier app. Enjoy its POS system and the ease of doing business by only using your smartphone or Android tablet anywhere, anytime. Try it for free now and leave your curiosity behind!

2. Why should I choose Pawoon?
Pawoon is equipped with many interesting features. They are also easy to use and easy on your pocket. These features can be adjusted to your business’ needs. Check them out!
3. Is Pawoon trustworthy?
Of course! Pawoon is enjoyed by more than 10.000 Indonesian entrepreneurs involved in a variety of businesses. Check out their stories and experiences in using Pawoon, and find out why Pawoon is their trusted cashier app.
4. Is Pawoon the right choice for my business?
Pawoon is fully equipped with many features that can fit many types of businesses, such as restaurant, cafe, laundry and retails. Beside the online cashier software, Pawoon also offers a selection of additional hardware to support your business.
5. Can Pawoon guarantee the safety of my data?
With a cloud-based system, you don’t need to worry about the security of all your business information and data. Pawoon also features a One Time Password system (OTP) to ensure the safety of your account. This android-based cashier app is the right choice for early stage entrepreneurs.
6. How to subscribe to Pawoon?
It’s so easy to join Pawoon! After trying it for free, you can choose any subscription packs according to your business’ needs.
7. My internet connection is unstable. Are my business transactions secured?
No need to worry! Your customers can still order and book a table even when you don’t have Internet connection. Once the Internet is back on, go on and update your business data. Simple, isn’t it?
8. Can Pawoon guarantee the safety of my data?
Its user-friendly system enables you to add products easily. Pawoon also offers a feature to import products so you can add products one by one or in a large quantity. It’s very useful for products that come with a lot of variants, including a wholesale food business.
9. I sale products with barcodes. Is such a system available on Pawoon?
Of course you can! Pawoon offers Barcode Scanner, a feature to scan products with barcodes. The scanned products will automatically logged in Pawoon system.
10. If the hardware is not working, will the tech team come to my store?
We are always there for you! When the cashier machine app or the hardware is experiencing trouble, Pawoon tech team will be delighted to visit your store. We also provide training for employees on how to use Pawoon. Call 1500 – 360 for more info.
11. If I have more than one store, can Pawoon help manage all of them simultaneously?
You can manage more than one store through Pawoon backoffice. You can also easily organize information, promotions and prices for each store.
12. I want to use digital payment system. Is it available on Pawoon?
Of course! Currently, Pawoon is integrated with digital payment methods, including GO-PAY, OVO and DANA. The activation process is easy, and it’s free. You can immediately use it for your business.
13. My business requires a more accurate accounting report. Can Pawoon help me with that?
Of course you can! Pawoon is integrated with accounting software Jurnal that will provide you with a more accurate and detailed report on your business finance. With Jurnal, you can easily decide your next steps and create a business strategy. The activation is available on Pawoon backoffice. Try it now!
14. What should I do if my Pawoon account is experiencing trouble?
Don’t worry! Our Support Team will assist you via LiveChat and Call Center at 1500 – 360. You can also access Pawoon Help Center for more information on how to use Pawoon and how to tackle any issues regarding the app.
15. Pawoon suits my needs. What do I do next?
Join now and experience the 14 day free of charge. You can try various interesting features for your convenience in running business anywhere, anytime. Have fun!
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