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1. What is Pawoon?

Pawoon is a cloud-based Point of Sales App to ease your businesses You can easily manage and monitor your business with only using your tablets or smartphones. Experience a more eficient way to run business with an easy to use app and many outstanding features that can be accessed any time, anywhere. Get your free trial now!

2. Why should I choose Pawoon?

Pawoon is ready to provide you more than just a POS system. Completed with the best features, we are ready to help you maximize your business, at any kind and scale. From product and inventory management to operational management such as employee and membership, you can modify it based on business goals. Click here to discover all the features!

3. Is Pawoon reliable?

Totally! Pawoon is humbled by more than 25.000 business owners that have been trusting us in accomodating their needs. Click here to hear their stories.

4. How can I know Pawoon is the perfect option for my business?

Pawoon is compatible for all kinds of businesses. Not only providing an easy to use POS App, you can experience a more eficient way to manage businesses using our best features and recommended devices

5. Can Pawoon gurantee the security of my data?

Using a trusted cloud-security system, Pawoon gurantee you a safe and dependable platform for your business and personal data. Along with our business ecosystem, Pawoon is ready to accompany your journey to the next level.

6. My internet connection is unstable. would that be a problem for the transaction at my outlet?

Don’t Worry! You can easily run your day to day business even when the unexpeted happens. With Pawoon Offline Mode, all transactions will be recorded on your device and ready to be recapped when the connection back on. Easy peasy, right?

7. I have tons of products with many variants. Can I submit all of them on the system smoothly?

With a user-friendly flow, you can easily add product with variant manually to our system. You can also save some time by collectively importing your products all together with CVS template that can downloaded from the dashboard. It’s a perfect feature for any business that sell products with many variant such as retailers and franchise.

8. I am a retailer who use barcode on my product. Is pawoon compatible for my system?

Of course you can! using our recommended barcode scanner, you can easily input and scan the barcode for a smoother transaction and data collection.

9. If I have certain issues regarding devices, will there be any support from Pawoon?

We are here for you! If you have any inquiry or issues regarding our products and service, you can always refer to our Support Team through email [email protected] or our Call Center 1500 – 360

10. I have more than one outlet, can I manage all of them collectively using Pawoon?

Absolutely! you can easily manage your outlets from Pawoon Backoffice. You can also adjust a different settings for each outlet based on your preferences.

11. I would like to level up my service by using digital payments, can Pawoon provide the best option?

We are ready to provide the best service you need. Pawoon is integrated with digital payment methods such as GO-PAY, OVO, DANA, LinkAja, and ShopeePay. With a quick sign-up process, you can optimize your service for smoother transaction flow.

12. I need more comprehensive reports since my business is starting to grow. Can Pawoon accomodate my needs?

To maximize your accounting and report management, Pawoon provide an exclusive integration with Jurnal and Accurate Online that is ready to give a more comprehensive reports. With the detail-oriented data providing, it can help you secure the precise decision that can shape a perfect future for your business. Click here to learn more about this integration

13. What is the first step to do when I experience issues regarding Pawoon?

No Worries! Our Support Team will always be there for your assistance. You canreach us through our email [email protected] or Call Center 1500 360. You can also access our Help Center to know more on how to use Pawoon.

14. I think Pawoon is perfect for my business. What should I do next?

Sign-up and enjoy our free 14 Days trial now! You can get a full access of many features to ease your business, any time and anywhere. Good Luck!

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