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Whatever your type of business, from retail store, restaurant, coffee shop, fashion store, beauty salon or even a pop up store, with
Pawoon as a cloud point-of-sale app will help you improve your productivity as a business owner.

One app, many possibilities

  • Simple yet beautiful interface
  • Compatible with many Android devices
  • Reliable and extensive backoffice system
  • Track your sales report real-time

The POS app that’s Simple, Flexible, and Easy to Use

Pawoon handles all your business activities starting from payment transactions, stock management, daily sales reports, even marketing activity. Dig deeper to find out how Pawoon can help grow your business.

Multiple payment options

Customers can pay using cash, debit card and credit card.

Business insights and analytics

Pawoon POS provide comprehensive reporting to develop your business to the next level.

Online or offline access

Pawoon POS is designed to work either with or without internet connections.

Multi branch feature

Monitor and manage the performance of your branches whenever and wherever you are.

Stay connected with customer

Engage and know what your customer wants through the customer management feature and Marketing App.

Stock Management

Monitor your stock in real time across all branches.


Dandelion Waxing uses Pawoon POS

Dandelion use Pawoon to measure real-time performance of their branches and for better stock management.


Scrambler Cafe By Kanawa uses Pawoon POS

Scrambler Cafe by Kanawa use Pawoon’s comprehensive reporting features to analyze their sales and get better understanding of their customers.


Pawoon Waiter app

Pawoon offers you a better way to manage your customer’s orders. Give faster and more accurate response to customer's order to get more sales and loyalty.

NEW Pawoon Marketing App

With Pawoon Marketing App now you can have your own standalone app for your store, it’s super easy, quick and affordable. Marketing app will help you to easily engage with your customers, to inform the latest promotion or announcing the newest products from your store.

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Why everyone Pawoon

Many great companies use Pawoon to drive growth and revenue.

“I am satisfied with Pawoon Pos because it’s simple and easy to use. It is very easy for my staff to understand Pawoon.”

Andhika Ramdhan Fauzie

Owner Patron Barbershop

“The app and the hardware is so easy to use and also the after sales support service is always helpful.”

Bobby Surya D

Owner Taiyaki-Den

“Pawoon is very useful as a point-of-sale for my retail business. It’s very compact, flexible and user friendly. All features completely meet my business needs.”


Owner Martabak Bro

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