Experience the easiest way

to run business with the easy-to-use app

Create a seamless and fast transaction flow, make your store queue-free!
Go paperless by sending digital reciept via email and whatsapp
Manage your cash flow digitally in a more secured and safe way

Flexible payment terms
to comfort your customer’s preferences

split your group bill quick and easy. You can only pay what you order
pay your bills with more than just one methods as you wish!
Completed with Installment option to ease your payment and boost your sales

Accept digital payments

for a more quick and easy transaction flow for customers

All-in-one sign up flow, applied for all kinds of payments Mudah dan praktis untuk kenyamanan transaksi
Activate a different set of payments for each outlet based on what’s needed
Queue-free transaction flow for a more convenient user experience

Escalate your business option by offering credits

products whenever needed

Quick and easy top up flow, can be accessed from Pawoon dashboard
Provide all kinds of products to comfort all users whenever needed
Get a competitive base price to give the best offer for your customer

Easily manage your ongoing orders
using table management feature on Pawoon

A maximum level of flexibility to escalate your Dine In experience
Precise Number, Precise Order. Enjoy a neat setup to serve well and better
Busy hour will be easy, this feature will help you make your store queue-free
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