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We provide a selection pf packsto help you optimizing your
business potential. Make your dream ome true with affordable cost.

Suitable for small business.
  • tick
    500 Transactions
  • tick
    For 1 Store
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    Standard Report
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    Integrated Digital Payment
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    Phone Credit and Data Pack (PPOB)
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    Limited Product Input
Rp 299 .000
/outlet /month
Suitable for developing business with several branches.
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    Unlimited Transactions
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    Multi Outlet
  • tick
    Standard Report
  • tick
    Standard Inventory Management
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    Standard Employee Management
  • tick
    CRM and Standard Promotion
  • tick
    Standard Integration
  • tick
    Integrated Digital Payment
  • tick
    Phone Credit and Data Pack (PPOB)
Rp 599 .000
/outlet /month
Suitable for large business
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    Unlimited Transaction
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    Pro Report
  • tick
    Pro Inventory Management
  • tick
    Pro Employee Management
  • tick
    CRM and Pro Promotion
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    Pro Integration
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    Integrated Digital Payment
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    Phone Credit and Data Pack (PPOB)

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Feature Comparison

Every decision takes careful consideration. Here is the detail of feature comparison
of each pack we offer to help you make your choice.

Suitable for small business with limited transactions
Suitable for developing business with several branches
Suitable for large business and franchises
Android App
Monthly Transaction Limit 500 Transactions Unlimited Unlimited
Cash Flow Recap
Installment Plan
Split Bill
Split Payment
Back Office
Product Management
Product Quantity Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Product Variety
Franchise Management
Basic Ingredient Management
Inventory Management
Business Report
Product Sales Report
Transaction Report
Daily Sales Report
Basic Ingredient Management
+17 Advanced Reports
Data Storage Duration 1 month Unlimited Unlimited
Filter By Date
Outlet Management
No Pawoon Logo on Bills
Multi-outlet Management
Promotion Program
Happy Hour, Buy X Get Y
Transaction Voucher
Transaction Point
Additional Features & Integration
Digital Payment is Available
Digital Product
Integrasi dengan Jurnal

Supporting Hardware
for Business

Above is the price for subscription of service and the app. We provide a selection of supporting hardware to optimize your business growth.

Is Pawoon
the Right Choice
for My Business?
Pawoon is fully equipped with features for all your types of business, including restaurant, cafe, laundry, and retail. Online cashier is not the only system Pawoon offers, but we also have multiple choices of supporting hardware to simplify your business operation and increase convenience of doing transaction.
How to Subscribe
to Pawoon?
Subscribing to Pawoon is super easy! After trying out the free version, you can choose any packs that are suitable for your business.
Can Pawoon
System Include
Of course! Pawoon is featured with Barcode Scanner that enables you to scan the barcode, provided in the app, on each product. The scanned product will be directly logged in Pawoon system.
Is Digital Payment
Of course! Pawoon is integrated with many options of digital payment, such as GO-PAY, OVO, DANA and other options. The activation is super easy.. You can use this free integrated cashies software in your store.
If Trouble Occurs,
Will the Technician
Come to Rescue?
We are always there for you! If technical trouble occurs, Pawoon tech team will be delighted to visit your store and solve the issue. For more info, contact our Call Center at 1500 – 360 for more info.
Pawoon Is Suitable
for My Business.
What’s Next?
Try it now and enjoy the free version of Pawoon cashier system for 14 days. Experience many interesting features for your ease of doing business anywhere, anytime. Enjoy!
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