Awesome POS Solution for Franchise

Get daily sales reports from franchise outlets instantly

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Features Designed for Franchises

  • Accept payments by cash, debit and credit cards.
  • Print or email purchase receipt to your customers
  • Easily manage inventory across all outlets
  • Real-time stock management report
  • Monitor daily sales reports at anytime from anywhere

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Designed for Franchise
Real-Time Daily Sales Reports

Real-Time Daily Sales Reports

Monitoring daily sales of franchise outlets at the same time is no longer a problem. Multi-outlet features from Pawoon will help you to plan your production based on stock data from all outlets and provides sales reports in real time and can be accessed online. Pawoon is truly the right choice for your franchise business.

Recommended POS Hardware

We provide optional hardware package or single device. Quickly and easily setup your hardware with no hassle.

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Additional Hardware Fit to Your Budget
One App for All Transactions

One App for All Transactions

  • Pay upfront or pay later
  • Print receipt or send receipt via email
  • Split billing
  • Accept cash, debit or credit card payments

Introducing Waiter App for Your Restaurant.

Do not make your customers wait. With Pawoon Waiter App, your customer’s order will automatically synchronized with the cashier and kitchen.

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