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Pawoon - #1 Choice of Indonesian Business Owners

Got Business? Pawoon is Your POS Solution

Pawoon is designed to work on every type of businesses. Click one of the links below to learn what Pawoon can do for your business.

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Easy Yet Powerful

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More Than 10,000 Business Owners Trust Pawoon

Save more time and money with Pawoon application, so you can focus more on developing your business. Join thousands of Indonesian business owners that use Pawoon to maximize their profits and productivities.

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Simple & Affordable Price Plan

<div class="pricing__box__left"><h2>Rp299.000</h2><p><span class="s1">per month</span></p><p><a class="button blue" href="">14 Days Free Trial</a></p></div><ul class="pricing__box__right"><li><span style="font-weight: 400;">Unlimited transactions</span></li><li>Unlimited products and staffs</li><li>Awesome customer service</li><li><b>7-days money back guarantee</b></li></ul>
Pawoon Support

Free demo of Pawoon POS at your place.

Want to experience directly how Pawoon works and grow your business? Invite our team member for a free demo!

Make Demo Appoinment

or contact our Call Center 1500 360

Pawoon branch offices are spread across major cities in Indonesia.

Customer Support Operational Hour:
Monday-Sunday at 06.00-24.00
(Closed on Public Holiday)


Satrio Tower Building
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio C4/5
Jakarta Selatan 12950


Co&Co Workshare,
Jl. Cipaganti No. 138,
Bandung 40161


Pawoon Surabaya,
Jl. Bengawan no.2A, Darmo
Wonokromo, Surabaya


Santana Gody Office,
Jl. Tukad Badung XVII no.36

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