Pawoon Prime - Self-Ordering Kiosk for Food and Beverage Business
Quick and Simple Order Management
For culinary entrepreneurs, this is the one-stop solution you need in organizing dine-in and take-away orders.
Pawoon Prime’s Benefits

Optimize your business potential with Pawoon Prime, and enjoy many benefits it offers.

Reduce Queue Lines

The convenience customers enjoy
is a plus for your business because everyone agrees that a long queue line is exhausting.

Increase Efficiency
It’s a simple principle: the quicker, the better. Appreciate your customers’ time by getting them their orders faster.
Optimize Sales Potential
Make a great relationship with your customers by providing them with the best services. Once it’s done, they’ll come back!
Whatsapp Order Feature
Technology enables us to become more flexible. Expand your service by taking orders through Whatsapp Order to increase your profit.
Easy and Simple
Only with smartphone and Whatsapp app, and you’re all set.
Digital Payment
Practical. It’s cashless so don’t bother with the change.
Sales Potential
When the time is cut, everything is faster. That will be a positive experience that could increase sales potential.
Self-Ordering Kiosk Feature
Enjoy a new experience offered by the ordering system. It also could be a positive experience for your customers. The modern and stylish design of kios-k will give its own aesthetic value to your business place which could also function as a promotion kit.
Attractive User Interface
A wide ordering screen with attractive user interface.
Quick and Effective
Accelerate service & cut waiting time
Print Bills
Bills are directly printed with EDC machine
Pawoon Free Demo
Are you interested in witnessing how Pawoon can help you improve your business? Click below for a free demo! Then wait for our team to come knocking at your door.
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