DANA is an electronic money (e-money) service to ease your transaction. You can use DANA in any storefront that accept payment from QRIS. It’s very easy and practical.
1. Using a dynamic QR Code that shows total amount for each transaction
2. Speed up transaction flow at cashier
3. QR Code will appear on the screen, do not need to print up anything
4. No addition device required
5. Minimize fraud risk
6. All sales report recorded and can be accessed through Pawoon dashboard
1. Login to Pawoon dashboard
2. Go to “Aplikasi” menu, and choose “Metode Pembayaran Digital”
3. Choose DANA
4. Click “Aktivasi” button
5. Fill all the form and Attach the required data and documents

Further information regarding your Digital Payment process can be accessed from the tab “Aplikasi Saya”. After the activation succeed, you can start selling using digital payment in your outlet.

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